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St Dominick Parish News - 2010

December 2010 (89) On a chilly, moonlit night, we all gathered together in the Parish Hall to hear tales of Hairy hands, Devils and Black Dogs. Paul Rendell came over to our side of the Tamar, to tell us some of the Legends and Folklore of Dartmoor. We heard of stories passed down, mainly by word of mouth, some based on real events but changing as they go from one generation to the next.

November 2010 (88) The Festivities Group are hoping to have another great evening lighting up a parish Christmas Tree. To help fund this great evening there are two great prize draws which are displayed in the post office

October 2010 (87) After three days of wet fog, the weather was bright and sunny much to everyone's relief. New MP Sheryll Murray cut the ribbon to the agility course. Thanks to the funding obtained by the Parish Council, another fantastic time was had by the children with help from the Eden Project. Don't forget the 23rd October at Cotehele Quay as previously advertised for your children.

September 2010 (86) Please will everyone try to remember that Saturday 11th September is the date of the St Dominic Autumn Show. We think that this is the sixtieth show, but it’s a bit difficult to be exact!

July 2010 (85) Basically the 5th and 7th August will be raft building and use at Cotehele Quay and mill. 23rd October will be a Questing event with Eden Play, again at Cotehele. For those of you not involved with these things please could you join in on Sunday 22nd August for the official opening of Lovell’s Park play area.

June 2010 (84) It was agreed that any funds remaining from the Haye Marsh campaign should be used for the Parish for environmental or educational purposes. The Committee are therefore asking residents for suggestions for an appropriate project, which will commemorate our efforts without the need for ongoing maintenance. There is just over £1800 available

May 2010 (83) We enjoyed one of our most memorable visits when we sampled the National Camelia collection at Mount Edgecumbe on Saturday 17 April. Our guide, for a thoroughly entertaining and informative walk around the collection, was Head Gardener Lee Stenning

April 2010 (82) Allis Shad, Cucumber Smelt and Flounders are not names you would normally associate with the WI but they all made themselves known to us on 10th March, read more about them later.

March 2010 (81) Snow and ice prevented our speaker from attending in January, luckily, she was able to join us in February, and this meant we were in for a very hectic schedule, with our Annual Meeting and 2 speakers.

February 2010 (80) Much to all the children’s delight, the new term started with a “white-out!” rather than the usual “wash-out”. The first day of term started well, with Breakfast Club children and some staff arriving at 8am then at 8.10am it started to snow heavily, and chaos ensued.